Wednesday, 10 February 2016

REVIEW: L'Oreal Lip Liner Couture

 This year I want to master applying colour to my lips. I love, love, love a red lip. But within five minutes I've got it all over my teeth and end up with a thin line around my lips rather than the luscious sweep of colour I hoped I'd be sporting for the rest of the day.

So my hunt begins.

I came across these two shades and despite a longing for Spring, berry colours have always appealed. Give them a try, I thought, why not? The lighter of the two 630 Beige Anu is very similar to my actual lip colour and just defines my normal lips to a better-than-normal standard, whilst 374 Intense Plum satisfies my need for a darker lip.

I layer these on with my Burts Bees lip balm beneath to give my lips at least some moisture. Though these aren't too OTT with sucking out the moisture, they aren't particularly forgiving either. They do last though. Without eating or drinking I managed to go into town and have a little peruse around the shops before coming home and finding only minimal wear and fading along the middle of my lips.

Considering these are most definately drugstore lipliners, I really love them.

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