Friday, 12 February 2016

REVIEW: Olay Anti Wrinkle Primer and Olay Total Effects BB cream

I've been using the Olay BB Cream for about a year now. 

I've still got about a quarter left, however I've noticed that the Fair tone is usually the one that's always out of stock so when I saw it the other day, I put it in my basket right away. 
The Fair isn't so white that it washes me out. In fact it gives me a nice glow - like I've had a few days in the sun.

I like this so much, I actually bought this for my mum too.

It's a super consistency - basically a creamy moisturising foundation that buffs into the skin really well. It is definately not full coverage. But I love it because it's dewy and looks like skin on my skin, rather than completely covering all my freckles and every single blemish. I use a separate concealer to cover any super blemishes and my under eye circles.

The primer is again, an old favourite. It works well alongside the BB cream because it moisturises and primes in one so there's less product to cake your face up with. It smells fresh, doesn't feel sticky or sit on my face and keeps my BB cream in place all day - straight up win.

Have any of you tried this duo?

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  1. That Olay BB Cream sounds amazing. I'm really struggling with dry skin at the moment, so I feel like I need something a little more moisturising. I might give this a go.



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