Wednesday, 30 March 2016

BAKE: Shortbread Rounds

In a bid to use up our endless egg supply, I began making these little biscuits to partway through realise... there are no eggs used in the creation of these.

I don't mind though because they get eaten so fast; meaning I need to make something that takes us longer to consume; meaning I will eventually use up our eggs.

Friday, 25 March 2016

REVIEW: Rimmel Kate Rose Gold Eyeshadow Stick

I have a thing for copper eyes this Spring. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo and love it, but I like to mix things up each day and wearing the same copper just wasn't cutting it.

So into the basket this Rimmel Rose Gold Eye chubby stick went.

Monday, 21 March 2016

LIFE: Hating on haters

I've seen a lot of hating on haters recently and although I'm 100% against those internet trolls that comment things like 'UR UGLY', I do wonder why people turn away from negative comments that could potentially be used for a positive gain.

If someone comments saying 'I like your posts/videos normally, but this is utter shite', for me, that's a comment that can actually be useful. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

REVIEW: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

Despite this being a shade too dark for me, I've been testing the Skin Luminizer Foundation out for the past couple of weeks. Just a sheen of coverage has worked out well for me so as to not make my face too dark for my body.

Friday, 18 March 2016

READ: Books I've read so far this year

Last year I spent a lot of time worrying about how many books I'd be able to read. 

Throwing myself in the deep end challenging myself to read 52 books when the previous year I managed, maybe, three(?) I found the goal really helped me push myself to continue reading when I would've probably put the book down and forgotten about reading for the rest of the year.

This year I haven't really challenged myself to a particular number. I thought I'd amble through a few and then tenuously read a couple more towards the back end of the year to show some effort, but I am totally ON IT.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

LIFE: Living with Hyperthyroidism

dont worry22 Dont worry, be happy (36 photos)

Exactly a year ago I went crazy.

I say that offhand, like a joke. But it's true. And not funny.

Hyperthyroidism is an umbrella term for someone who's thyroid has decided to throw in some overtime - there are two main sub diseases that come under that umbrella; Graves and Hashimoto.

I have Hashimoto.

The three main hormones that are affected when you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism are T4, T3 and a tiny thing called Thyroid Stimulation Hormone.

T3 should be within 3.5 - 6.5. Mine was 10.9.
T4 should be between 9 - 23. Mine was 34.
TSH should be 0.55 - 4.78. Mine was less than 0.01.

In the past I've tried explaining what kind of crazy I felt when I hit rock bottom and fiiinally went to the Doctors, and the best way of doing that is to imagine a simple task/question/scenario.

Like going to Tesco to buy some bread. Sounds easy.

Well, no. Not when you're crazy.

Monday, 14 March 2016

REVIEW: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

Shampoos are generally speaking, not an exciting topic of conversation. However, I have a tiiiny obsession with haircare.

I love my hair. I especially love it when it's soft, smells good and stays clean for over 24 hours. Those are the things I look out for in a shampoo.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

HOME: 5 Tips to help you Spring Clean

You want to clean, ey? Getting ready for the longer, brighter days right? Well look no further for your Master Plan of how to sort shit out...

Friday, 11 March 2016

REVIEW: MUA Spring Nail Polish

Leapfrog (unavailable online), Blue Steel

I've actually done really well at not biting my nails (by this I mean I've only bitten two nails since the beginning of the year and stopped myself biting them right down to the wick).

If you've ever bitten your nails, you'll realise how hard that is.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

THREE THINGS: Why books are the greatest

1. There is one for every occasion, emotion, age, situation, literacy level, time of day, month or year.
2. Some are undeniably beautiful; some are plain, but you treat all of them with reverence.
3. Many stories will remind you of different times in your life, bringing back memories both good and bad.

(A sneaky 4. The SMELL of a new book)

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Monday, 7 March 2016

HOW TO: Scrapbook

I started scrapbooking at the beginning of last year.

Firstly, I looked into the Project Life folders and ranges, but they were well out of the price range I had in mind for mine. Then I looked into subscribing to a stationary box like the Messy Box, but again, when you add up all the costs and what I'd actually use from each box, the costs were just too high and I wanted freedom to do whatever I wanted rather than rely on someone else to send me things I might not even like.

The only things you really need when starting to scrapbook are:

A large notebook - preferably of unlined high grade paper quality
A prit stick
A local Boots/ photograph print shop where you can print your photos

I found that a corner cutter like this one and a glue mouse were super helpful too.

I think you could also add on fancy pens/cardstock, but I went down my local The Range and bought a wad of patterned paper and a Sharpie for about a fiver.

At first I thought scrapbooking was a) something only rich mothers did or b) for people who take hobbies really seriously c) you had to have 3.5 million different types of card and stickers and glitter. Stereotypical I know. But, you really don't. Scrapbooking is pretty unique to whatever you want it be.

So, some people 'theme' their scrapbooks. I didn't. The only theming I did was to pick a different colour each month and go from there. And, unlike a lot of scrapbookers, I didn't go all out with the journalling part either. So whilst there are a few snippets of writing here and there, my scrapbook is basically a glorified, personalised photo book.

Yeah, I love sticking and glueing things, but what I love most is remembering things that I'd forgotten about and a picture waking that memory up and bringing it back to life. It's like magic when I start showing other people.

It's mostly the random photo's that bring the most memories - so that picture of my friend and the Lad in the Chinese takeaway, a #fromwhereIstand photo in my Grandma's living room, a single flower - give the most satisfaction.

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

BAKE: Madeira Cake

I love cake.

I especially like a good cup of tea and a slice of cake. Those are the best moments.

But, unfortunately I'm not very good at keeping fresh ingredients fresh - so that's a cream filling out the window. And I have about a dozen jam jars slowly creating a whole new type of mould in them at the back of my cupboard (yes, that is a priority in my Spring clean).

So, your usual Victoria Sponge isn't really do-able. Well, it is, but it'd be super dry.

Welcome the Madeira. 

With it's super high egg content, it's the perfect not-too-wet-not-too-dry-without-a-filliing cake. Just writing that makes me want to boil the kettle for yet another cuppa. And if you're feeling that way too, here's the recipe:

275g butter
175g plain flour
175g self raising flour
275g sugar
5 eggs

Cream together the butter and sugar and beat in the eggs one by one. Fold in the flours. If it gets a little stiff, use a bit of milk to get it back to a thick batter consistency. Pop into a tin and make a dimple in the middle so it doesn't look like Mount Everest when it's baked and put in the oven at 170C for about two hours.

Then enjoy with family and friends.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

LIFE: #WomanKind

I recently had my appraisal at work.

Usually they're a box ticking exercise, but this time, thankfully, my new manager went through all the questions thoroughly. I'm going for promotion at the moment so I asked what he thought I could work on to get there - to give me a goal or two.

His only answer: confidence.

I am competent at my job. I've completed all the work related courses, passed all the tests, know the paperwork and processes like the back of my hand. But, I lack confidence in my decisions - though it's not that I'm indecisive. It's that I'd have more trust in someone else's opinion than my own. I would rather someone else took the credit for my actions because I don't think I deserve it.

It's not only at work - at home I look at all the beautiful girls on YouTube and Instagram and think maybe I should wear my hair like that or maybe I should get a boob job because she looks so awesome in that dress, or maybe I should take tanning seriously.

It's actually hard for me to admit that because it's so pathetic.

Cue #WomanKind.

The WeightWatchers #WomanKind campaign is about women embracing and reinforcing a positive relationship with themselves. I love this. Apparently 85% of women wish they could be kinder to themselves. Well I am one of those women. And since I want 2016 to be the year I feel like I can conquer the world (and get that promotion) here are my tips to myself and, if you want to join me, you too to feeling more confident about myself.

1. Pretend you're a stranger to yourself.
Say you'd swapped bodies with Pam from the IT department and you saw your old body walk into the office wearing your favourite skirt and a blouse, what would you say to her? 89% of women would never complement themselves the same way they complement others so really look at yourself now and think about what you would say if another women was wearing your body. I'll bet it wouldn't be 'urgh, girl your legs are dis-gus-tiiiing.'

2. Trust your gut.
#WomanKind isn't just about body image, it's about self image on the whole. For confidence to show on the outside, we all need to find it on the inside. Being true to yourself and loving yourself for it isn't as indulgent as we think it is - it's actually reassuring and you will half that burden of worries you carry around on your shoulders immediately. I really need to take my own advice on this one.

3. Small changes can be amazing.
Even small changes can be epic - whether that's choosing to eat granola instead of cookie crisp for breakfast, or starting to paint your toenails regularly, or lighting a candle whilst you have a relaxing bath. Sometimes the smaller the change, the better the outcome. All those little things add up to big things.

4. What would happen if you lost a part of yourself?
My hands are really dry and crack in the winter. For years I've always looked at my hands and resented them. But, if I happened to lose my hands for whatever reason, my life would be completely changed. I need my hands. I'm grateful I have hands that work perfectly, that aren't broken or malformed, that don't require too much looking after. That little bit of time I spend everyday applying cream is priceless compared to the use I get out of my hands. So whether you resent your legs, or your arms, or your hair, or the way you talk - just think about what you and your life would be like if you didn't have those things. Really appreciate what you have. A quote I live my life by is 'There is always someone in this world who is happy with less than you have.'

5. Surround yourself with the best kind of people.
I went out for a Chinese with my best friend the other night. She wore a blue knitted woollen men's jumper and some over sized forest green corduroy trousers with not a scrap of makeup on and her hair big and wild and curly. She looked like a crazy woman and I loved her for it. When I visit her, there are no judgements, no negativity, no fear of being frowned upon. She accepts everyone as they are and you can see when she speaks to strangers that her positivity and obliviousness to imperfection spreads like a virus. No one looked at her like a crazy woman, they looked and spoke to her as though she was an old friend. It's strange how such childish acceptance can be so uplifting, but if you can find yourself someone or become that kind of person, nothing in the world would be impossible.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on what being #WomanKind means to you! What tips would you add to my list? What things should all women do to feel happier with themselves?


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hello March

March is probably my favourite month (apart from May/June - that time of year is just glorious). 

Tulip blooms are my absolute favourite flower. Despite the snowing, this month I wait impatiently for the first buds to crack open. I absolutely love it. Do you have something you look at and just marvel at how perfect it is? 

(I'm guessing a lot of people would be saying 'yes the child I gave birth to' right now, but flowers will have to do for me).

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