Sunday, 13 March 2016

HOME: 5 Tips to help you Spring Clean

You want to clean, ey? Getting ready for the longer, brighter days right? Well look no further for your Master Plan of how to sort shit out...

1. Get Everything Out
I like to use this tip towards my clothes and kitchen cupboards. Get everything out, lay it on the floor, check the condition of the item: will I use it? Yes, keep. No, throw.

2. Clean behind things
A general tidy up for me is to hoover about, dust the bits of show and rearrange the cushions - I'll bet most people say that's a standard tidy. Amirite? So for your Spring Clean, go all out and room by room move all the furniture away from the walls and hoover and dust behind them; take all your books off the bookcase and dust the whole shelf; lift the rug up and hoover underneath; hire a carpet cleaner and really take the time to deep clean.

3. Don't forget outside
A lot of people have immaculate homes, but the outside is reminiscent of the local dog walking park - tufts of grass, a sea of child/dog toys, dead pot plants and probably a lonesome bush/tree that could do with pruning. If you can't tidy up outside, or don't know where to start there are plenty of local handyman companies out there who can come and make your outside space more manageable or completely transform your property. It might be a case of putting up a hook for an hanging basket or it could be a start-from-scratch renovation. This time of year is best for beginning to make you outside space, yours!

4. Refresh your bedding
I know that here in the UK, March has brought icy winds and snow, but for the most part March brings fresh air and cool sunshine. Brighten up your bedroom by changing your duvet and pillows for lighter versions and treating yourself to a new cover set. A new duvet cover can transform your whole bedroom.

5. Sort your attic
If you don't have an attic, it could be your back room, a shed, garage, that cupboard you shove all those things that don't have a home but that you will need at some point (I'm looking at you Christmas tree). We all have them. Those spaces where things accumulate for years. I went through our attic last year and threw an absolute ton of things away, bought a load of clear plastic boxes and put everything I wanted to keep in them, clearly labelled and free from any mouse nibbling/damp. I kept all sorts of random things - from old school books to single bedding (we don't have a single bed any more, but I really like the cover set). It's not about what you keep, it's about how efficiently you store it. Some people say that clear plastic boxes are not optimal storage, but in the attic I find it's the best - usually the lighting is shit and there's not a whole lot of space so being able to stack them up and see what's in the bottom box is a brilliant way of keeping tabs on what accumulates up there.

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