Monday, 7 March 2016

HOW TO: Scrapbook

I started scrapbooking at the beginning of last year.

Firstly, I looked into the Project Life folders and ranges, but they were well out of the price range I had in mind for mine. Then I looked into subscribing to a stationary box like the Messy Box, but again, when you add up all the costs and what I'd actually use from each box, the costs were just too high and I wanted freedom to do whatever I wanted rather than rely on someone else to send me things I might not even like.

The only things you really need when starting to scrapbook are:

A large notebook - preferably of unlined high grade paper quality
A prit stick
A local Boots/ photograph print shop where you can print your photos

I found that a corner cutter like this one and a glue mouse were super helpful too.

I think you could also add on fancy pens/cardstock, but I went down my local The Range and bought a wad of patterned paper and a Sharpie for about a fiver.

At first I thought scrapbooking was a) something only rich mothers did or b) for people who take hobbies really seriously c) you had to have 3.5 million different types of card and stickers and glitter. Stereotypical I know. But, you really don't. Scrapbooking is pretty unique to whatever you want it be.

So, some people 'theme' their scrapbooks. I didn't. The only theming I did was to pick a different colour each month and go from there. And, unlike a lot of scrapbookers, I didn't go all out with the journalling part either. So whilst there are a few snippets of writing here and there, my scrapbook is basically a glorified, personalised photo book.

Yeah, I love sticking and glueing things, but what I love most is remembering things that I'd forgotten about and a picture waking that memory up and bringing it back to life. It's like magic when I start showing other people.

It's mostly the random photo's that bring the most memories - so that picture of my friend and the Lad in the Chinese takeaway, a #fromwhereIstand photo in my Grandma's living room, a single flower - give the most satisfaction.

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