Friday, 18 March 2016

READ: Books I've read so far this year

Last year I spent a lot of time worrying about how many books I'd be able to read. 

Throwing myself in the deep end challenging myself to read 52 books when the previous year I managed, maybe, three(?) I found the goal really helped me push myself to continue reading when I would've probably put the book down and forgotten about reading for the rest of the year.

This year I haven't really challenged myself to a particular number. I thought I'd amble through a few and then tenuously read a couple more towards the back end of the year to show some effort, but I am totally ON IT.

We're currently on week 11 this year and these are what I've read so far:

A chick flicky type of book about a girl with social anxiety meeting a boy and overcoming her mental issues.

The second instalment of Laini Taylor's warring against Angels by the Chimera in a parallel world, or rather the Chimera fleeing to the human world. For a bit anyway.

The follow up to the Princess and the Hound, in which the story follows the aftermath of the magic  in that first book and relationship between the hound that was a princess and the bear that was a prince.

An interpretation of how a bees hive works following one of the lowliest bees. She manages to overcome every obstacle in her way and curiosity saves her life over and over.

Love! The tale of a girl who gets taken by a magician to live in a tower and get taught the art of magic. Seems simple enough, but they have to learn to work together to overcome evil. The writing of this is beautiful and funny and full of action. Not to miss out on.

A slow, leisurely read about relationships with the sea and with land, with quite a lot more sexual references than I was anticipating.

The first Murakami book I've read and follows the typical Japanese style. This follows a man growing up and losing touch with his childhood. It's very mysterious, detailed in places and makes you wonder about what could have been.

Again, love! This is essentially a self help book about just doing what you want without any of the worry about other people. Extremely funny. Do not read whilst drinking or eating - you won't be able to swallow and laugh at the same time.

9. The Book Thief
A doorstop of a book narrated by death as he watched over Nazi Germany and especially a little girl named Liesel.

10. Dreams of Gods and Monsters
The final part of the Laini Taylor trilogy. The Chimera and rebel Angels come to an alliance and a final battle is fought. Not as good as I was expecting - hoping for a fourth book to really complete the series, but unfortunately I don't think it'll happen.

11. Candy
I thought a lot more effort went into the style of the writing rather than the story - which could have been awesome if there was less noticeable effort put into it. Joe meets Candy, a hooker, in London and is irresistably drawn to her. He spends a lot of time helping her to his own (and his family's) detriment and the book finishes on a 'is that it?' basis.

12. The Alchemist
I liked that this story has a meaning behind it (albeit it's not a hidden meaning at all), the story is relatable to real life and encourages the reader to be happy with what they have and to trust in fate. I liked it, although I could've done without the moral references every couple of pages.

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