Friday, 11 March 2016

REVIEW: MUA Spring Nail Polish

Leapfrog (unavailable online), Blue Steel

I've actually done really well at not biting my nails (by this I mean I've only bitten two nails since the beginning of the year and stopped myself biting them right down to the wick).

If you've ever bitten your nails, you'll realise how hard that is.

One of the polishes I love to buy are MUA polishes. 'Cos they're a quid, like. What a bargain. And actually, they're reasonable quality. Comparing them to Essie, I think that if they had a better brush, they'd apply exactly the same. Having said that, without a topcoat I find they flake and chip quite easily, but for a quid, I'm not complaining.

Leapfrog is possibly my new favourite colour ever. It looks much greener in this picture than when it's on my nails. I'd describe it as a sage-y, grass-y colour - not too bright or too translucent - that's perfect for Spring.

Blue Steel is again, a super demure colour. Not a strong blue, but not a pastel either. I have a thing for blue nails. Almost as much as my passion for red nails.

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