Sunday, 10 April 2016

LIFE: 5 Things About Me

So, five things you never knew about me...

1. I absolutely love rice pudding.

2. I have a 'spider mark' on my nose, just where my glasses sit so people assume I have this red mark because of my glasses, but actually I've had it for about eleven years. It will eventually go away, I just have to wait.

3. I'm a picker of scabs. I just can't help it. I have a (probably) unhealthy obsession with picking or , as I call it, inspecting any wounds I get.

4. My dream job would be an ear specialist in removing ear wax build up. Have you seen those types of video on YouTube? It's the part at the end when it's all cleaned out that I like the best - not beginning with all the dirty wax.

5. I'm not travel orientated. I wouldn't mind to travel, but I am much more of a homebody with regular routines and things and people I know surrounding me.

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