Sunday, 17 April 2016

LIFE: Five Ways to Read More

1. Not all books are easy to read at all times.
The majority of people I speak to wanting to read more are stuck on a book and it's taking an absolute decade for them to get through. On the one hand I applaud them for sticking at it. On the other I, personally, would much rather put a book I'm not enjoying down, pick up and read one I do and then come back to the original when I can face it. Some books just need a different head space and if you're not in that space then they won't come easy to you. 

2. Take up peoples recommendations
When people see you reading, it's a free pass for them to comment on what they've read recently or which authors they enjoy. Everyone has a favourite book. It might not be in your usual style or turn out to be your favourite book, but it also might turn out to be THE best book ever. 

3. Explore different genres
Related to the second point. I love me a Young Adult fiction. Preferably with magic in it. It's so removed from anything that happens to me in real life that I devour anything with a hint of fairy tale in it. However, I really enjoyed reading The Girl on the Train (for those of you that haven't heard of it, a whodunnit thriller) and Gone Girl as well as Chris Hadfield's An Astronauts Guide to Life On Earth. A trio of books completely different to my usual preference.

4. Have a book on hand at all times.
Surprisingly easy when you make everyone aware that you're on a reading mission. Somehow, you'll end up with a load of recommendations and a ton of books on loan to you. If you spread the word, people around you will help!

5. Pick pretty books.
As shallow as it sounds a pretty book is much easier to take out of a bag in a public place and read than a boring looking or shabby one. The more likely you are to want to take it out of your bag, the more likely you are to actually read it. I thought that this wouldn't work for me, but after a few tries this year (The Gracekeepers is so beautiful) I'm converted and I will stick at a pretty book that I don't like more often than a boring looking book that I quite like.

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