Wednesday, 13 April 2016

REVIEW: L'Oreal BrowArtist Plumper

If you want a product that holds your brows in shape all day with a bit if colour thrown in there, this L'Oreal Plumper is definately the product for you.

This product really holds my brows in shape. I rarely trim them so I have quite long brow hair though it's also pretty light coloured so normally they don't look too Stig-of-the-dumpish. 

This really highlights my lighter hairs and defines the length of the hairs there so my brows are suddenly massive. Whereas I look mostly albino with no brows on, this single product frames my face beautifully.

It lasts all day, washes off at the end wonderfully without any scrubbing or residue and even puts up with some tired face rubbing towards the end of my shifts.

This is a staple for those Sunday type days where you want some makeup on to look alive, but you can't be arsed to put much effort into it.


Just need to keep my brows nicely shaped from now on!

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