Wednesday, 18 May 2016

HOME: Five Steps to Revive your Wardrobe

We store our clothes on open shelving and clothing rails. It has not been uncommon in the past for friends and family to comment on how many clothes we have. And I've never really thought about the accumulation of clothes being a problem until this year.

Now, I'm not going to dump all my clothes at the nearest charity shop and start a capsule wardrobe - that's just not me - but a good sort out I reckoned would do me good.

It was easy to begin with - those things I've had forever and would never, ever, wear even if you paid me; then it got harder with those things that I've had forever and would never, ever, wear, but love to pieces. It's a brutal process. But one that needs to be done.

1. Four piles
Keep, charity, eBay, bin.
You could even start with the three (keep, eBay, bin) and see how you get on with the selling everything for 99p for a month before giving the items you haven't sold to charity.

2. Efficient storage
This might be a case of changing up where you store your work clothes. Random as it sounds, if you have a uniform, but keep your work top with all your 'home' tops, on Monday morning it becomes harder to find the top you really need. I keep all my work trousers/shirt/fleeces and jumpers in the same pile now and it's made getting out of the house by 6.30am a hell of a lot easier. Keeping workwear separate from homewear is the best tip I've come across.

3. Colour co-ordinate
Hang your clothes starting with dark colours on the left to lighter colours on the right (although I find it works better for me the other way). Marie Kondo promotes this method of storing clothes too. Somehow it makes it easier to pick out items you really want to wear. For me, I remember what items I have in my wardrobe better - the white palm print shirt is next to the breton dress. Nothing gets lost any more!

4. Wash all your clothes 
I'm not insinuating that you never wash your clothes, but at this time of the year especially there will be items in your wardrobe that haven't been worn for the last 10 months or so (any longer and you should be thinking about getting rid). As the weather is perking up, get all your clothes out and wash every single item. This is a pretty big job and you might want to stagger this over the a few weeks, but once it's done, not only does your wardrobe smell good and your clothes feel fresher, you'll have a good idea of what you have in there and know that everything is instantly wearable - no dusty shoulders or yellowing collars for you!

5. Treat yourself to new underwear
I'm real bad at this. I wear the same 20 pairs of pants all the time (obvs washing in between). Take an objective step back and think 'if I got hit by a bus tomorrow and was wearing these, would I cringe?' if the answer is yes, bin them. Bin them now. Don't even keep them for that time of the month. Just get rid. It's surprising how much a new pair of pants can impact your day for the better!

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