Monday, 9 May 2016

HOW TO: The Perfect Feline Flick with L'Oreal

I would say that my signature look is a cat eye. Black eyeliner and plenty of mascara. 

I once went swimming with a friend and she kept looking at me all weird because she'd never seen me without eyeliner on before. Well, there's a first time for everything.

And a last, because it's very, very rare that I don't don the feline flick. I'm a sucker for it. So, it was obvious these two L'Oreal items would make their way into my basket.

The Superliner Superstar is very similar to my usual eyeliner of choice the L'Oreal Perfect Slim, however this has a wider nib. It still tapers down to a tiny point which is ideal for cat-eyes. I use the side of the nib to thicken the line out along the outer corner and then use the very tip again to fade it out towards the inner corner. Works like a charm.

Staying power is, again, similar to that of the Perfect Slim - it's okay, but it fades quite a lot over the course of the day and needs touching up or being used alongside a more longer lasting liner.

The Volume Million Lashes Feline mascara is awesome. Just awesome. I'm not usually a fan of the plastic applicators (I'm more of a brush gal), but this applies really well, separates the lashes and creates a longer, fuller version of them. I love it. One sweep and I'm done. So quick and simple.

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