Wednesday, 4 May 2016

LIFE: Update

Last week I didn't post at all. It was a test. I was testing myself.

I've been blogging for over five years now, here and there, and I've always posted regularly about anything and everything. I've always had something planned to post. It's become second nature.

So last week I forced myself not to. To forget about blogging and see how I went. Whether I'd miss it. Whether I'd care. Whether I'd itch to get back in front of the computer and write.

You might wonder why? And it's simple. I've not told anyone I know about this blog. Sure I've hinted, but I never openly speak about it. I never discuss it. I never answer that 'do you have any hobbies?' question with 'I blog'. 

So I wondered whether I could actually let go enough to decide: yupp this is it, I'm stopping forever or yupp, this is it, I'm going to make this work!

What happened was something I didn't expect...

It hurt me to see my blog planner not filled in. I went craycray photographing for Instagram. I kept checking my analytics anyway. I couldn't keep away.

I love blogging. I love reading blogs, writing my blog, exploring different viewpoints, discovering different products, places and people through blogs. It's an awesome community.

So this month it's back to normal. I'm slowly taking steps towards making this blog more valuable for me. It's been plodding along for twoish years and I'm beginning to get used to the social side of blogging now. I'm a very solitary person, so I've pushed myself to go beyond my comfort zone. Instead of blogging just for writing stuff, I'm loving reaching out to new people on Twitter (a medium I never tried to get my head around using before - so easy!) and also on my favourite platform  - Instagram. 

Come say hi and leave me a comment with your blog/media links! I'd love to add you to my reading list!

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