Sunday, 22 May 2016

REVIEW: Rapid White Tooth Whitening Kit

Last month I went to the dentist and asked for a brace.

He said, 'you might not have a Hollywood smile, but you're teeth definately do not need a brace.'

Personally, I was pretty happy with that response; but I still wasn't particularly happy with my teeth.

I have quite mishmashed teeth with one tooth pushed behind another giving the effect of a black hole when I smile in photographs. I hate that. But, I have to admit that my teeth are in pretty good condition - I don't have a filling or have any issues with them - so I can't really complain.

One thing I thought I could do to maybe lighten that black hole is whiten my teeth.

On the scale shown in the second picture, my teeth are actually at a 2 (or a 3 after a cup of tea), they're only one shade away from white. Again, I'm quite pleased with that, but still wanted to go ahead with the whitening.

This is a two week course of treatment.

To begin with you mould the gum tray to your teeth. I only wanted to whiten my top front teeth - my bottom teeth don't show when I smile. I thought that this would be the difficult bit, but it was surprisingly easy. The instructions are simple and you have the option of reshaping if everything goes Pete Tong.

I rubbed on the activator and then lined my gum tray with the whitening gel before popping it into my mouth and setting a timer for ten minutes.

I didn't use this for the recommended amount of times - it says morning and night every day for two weeks at ten minutes a time - I used it four times at ten minutes each over the course of two weeks.

I was expecting a level of sensitivity after using the kit, but I thought it would occur after excessive use every day. After the third use my gums started to bleed when I brushed my teeth afterwards. I'd already achieved the colour I wanted, but this kind of sensitivity response would have put me off using it for the full two weeks the way it's intended to be used.

Thankfully it didn't occur again the next time I brushed, but I was shocked at how much the kit made my mouth react!

I would give you a before and after, however because of this attempt at whitening I've realised that my teeth are actually unable to be whitened due to a 'tooth translucency'. It means for me that my front teeth will always be darker from the middle to the bottom. Now that I've noticed it, I dislike my teeth even more!

So despite the parts of my teeth that can be whitened looking super white, it's made the teeth I wanted to be white look really yellow. It's not the kits fault, but I'm disappointed I won't have a white smile anytime soon.

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