Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WEAR: Piercings

I have, in total, four piercings. All in my ears.

For some, that won't be a lot. For others, it might be too many. For me it's okay. I'll probably get some more. For the time being though, I'm happy with what I've got.

Let's start with the ear not pictured (because it's pretty boring) and the one basic earlobe piercing I have. I got both lobes pierced in the summer between Junior and High school. I was ten or eleven and I had them done with a piercing gun by my hairdresser one afternoon after I got my hair trimmed. Both went bad. My mum thought the studs I'd been pierced with were too short and so took them out and put gold sleepers in. Yes. I was that girl in PE with the blue plasters on her ears...

I started stretching my left earlobe when I was seventeen. The Lad and I both decided one day that we wanted tunnels. I was completely unprepared for what was necessary to enlarge my earhole. I used a toothpick to begin with; then a bellybar; then I bought a proper plug; and then tapers to go up to 6mm.

I stretched it far too fast and got a blowout. It hurt, but I'm a picker so the ability to pick a scab off outweighed any worries about infection or long lasting damage. The inside of my ear basically ripped towards the back of my stretch leaving the back of my earhole with a ring of raw flesh around it. Instead of doing what any normal person would do and take the plug out. I kept mine in. It took, inevitably, a long time to heal.

Second Lobe
I got my second lobe piercing shortly after beginning to stretch my ear. I was sat in a milkshake shack and a lad came in with a black tunnel and a pink lightening bolt stud just above it. I loved it. Within three weeks I'd got my second lobe piercing.

I got it done at Classix in York. I went alone. It was painless. I went straight home and showed my mum (I was a very sensible child and so getting pierced out of the blue was out of character) who nodded and said 'lovely'. She wasn't bothered. At least I wasn't smoking, getting irreversible tattoos or getting pregnant.

NOTE: I wouldn't recommend getting random piercings whilst living with your Ma or Pa who might get a bit iffy about them.

This also got pretty nasty within a few weeks. I suppose it didn't help that I'd got an open wound just below it. I swapped out the stud that I'd been pierced with and put in this gold sleeper. I've taken the sleeper out a handful of times since. I don't feel right without it. So much for the pink lightening bolt.

Over the next couple of years, after my lobe healed, I went up to an 8mm. But, when I was twenty I had to take my stretch out for my job. It was about the same time I had a desire to wear a pair of earrings so it worked out well. As you can see in the first pictures above, if I wore large fronted earrings I could get away with hiding my stretched lobe. In the top picture you can just about see a slight fold above my earring and the jewellery sits slightly forward which were the only signs that I'd  previously maimed my ear.

Last November, for my birthday I got my Auricle pierced. You can read more about that and see pictures here. I'd always fancied getting a cartilage piercing, but I'd never gotten around to it.

In February I swapped out the silver stud for a gold ring as you can see in the top pictures. This lasted for all of three days before my ear began bleeding, swelled up and hurt. Alot. It hadn't done that before so I put the silver stud back in. Since then, it's calmed down and it's almost fully healed. I can move my stud around without it hurting for the most part. I was told it can take about a year for cartilage piercings to heal, but you know, I never actually believed it until now.

Stretch (again)
Last month I began stretching my lobe back up. Over the past few years, as I said, my lobe had gotten smaller, but was still a much larger hole than your usual piercing. Even after over five years of not having a tunnel in, I still had a 3.5mm hole.

Currently I'm at a 4mm. It took two weeks and a roll of PTFE tape to get it up that .5mm. After my last experience of how un-elasticated my earlobe is I'm taking it slow. I'll probably take it back up a couple of mm over the next few months. We'll see.

The next on my piercing wishlist is my tragus on the other ear. I think that would balance them out nicely.

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