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READ: Books I've Read So far This Year #2

So we're now half way through the year! Craycray times! I'm behind on what would be my second 52 books in 52 weeks, but I'm still pleased at the amount I have read. The majority have been completely new to me and I've enjoyed taking people up on recommendations and starting a little book club at work to bring me opportunities to read books I probably wouldn't have found to read otherwise.

So here we go, the next installment...

A trilogy of books by Garth Nix which follow two women through the process of becoming an Abhorsen - someone who takes the dead back into death and pushes them past the ninth gate (the last section of the river of death) so they cannot ever come back into life. I liked the pace of these books and how there's something constantly going on so the story never gets too boring. There's moments where I fist pumped the air, and moments where I cried. Loved them.

An insight into a seemingly normal family. This book highlights that no family is 'normal' and behind closed doors there's a lot of unrest between siblings and parents and children. Adulting is hard. Really beautiful story which makes you want to phone your Ma to tell her you love her (even if you hate her).

Grace and her frind Tilly become investigators into the mystery of the disappearance of Margaret Creasy. They look to God for help and try to find signs from Him to find her. They tour the cul-de-sac trying to find God or Mrs Creasy in each home, but all they find are secrets. It's a great way of showing how fragile trust is from a twelve year olds viewpoint.

I found this book incredibly boring. I'll admit there are parts that are really really good and funny and I laughed out loud at some of them, but for the most part, I could see what was going to happen and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Collin goes on a roadtrip after being dumped by his nineteeth Katherine, boy meets girl, girl has boyfriend, blah blah blah. 

Get through the first few chapters and you'll be sorted. The story begins with different snippets of different peoples lives - at different times. So we have Andrea in the future where everything is run by machines and to optimise thought processes people undergo surgery to put probes into their brains. Then we have Rosie, who links everyone together in the end, who stumbles across an alternate reality in a Professors home. And then we have what goes on in that alternate reality. And then different peoples viewpoints on what's going on at those times too. I loved this book purely because I had no idea what would happen next and every little loose end was tied up on the final page. And I didn't see the ending coming at all either! Just accept everything that happens in the first few chapters without giving up or trying to understand and everything will come together nicely as you read more.

20. According to Yes
I liked how this book flowed and kept the momentum going throughout. I did NOT see the first 'happening' coming, but I could tell what would happen next. It's a great holiday read - I blasted through it in two days. It follows a lass called Rosie who ups and leaves her Cornish home to live as a nanny in New York. She tries to keep to her promise of saying yes more often and although to begin with, that's a good idea, it soon lands her in a sticky situation - literally. I love how French conveys the relationships between three generations and how stuck in their ways each gets.

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