Sunday, 10 July 2016

HOW TO: 10 Ways to Clear Your Head of Negative Thoughts

1. Breathe
Really breathe, deep and slow. Feel each and every breath in fill you up and then feel how your chest deflates when it leaves your body. It's the simplest method to calm your mind and body simultaneously. If you're ever finding it hard to sleep, try this and within minutes you should be in a nice deep sleep.

2. Clean Up
If there's no mess/distraction/things scattered around it makes thoughts easier to process without them getting tangled up. It'll also hopefully take your mind off whatever negative thoughts you've been mulling over.

3. Get Out
Go for a walk, go to the shop, go to a friends house. You don't need to spend any money, or even speak to anyone if you don't feel like it. Just wander around and see where you find yourself.

4. Write it down
Have a notebook where any time you feel like this you write the negative thoughts down into it. Rid yourself of those thoughts. Give them to the notebook. If you want, read through past entries and know that the only way is up now. It can only get better.

5. Pamper yourself
Shave your legs, get those brows back on fleek, spend some time on yourself. Make yourself feel confident and proud to be you.

6. Tell Someone
If it's getting so bad, believe me it'll never be so bad that you won't ever find someone to help you. If not a family member or a friend, then there are plenty of charities that will be more than happy to listen to you.

7. Listen to Someone
Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little life bubbles that we forget that things are going on outside. Other people have issues too. Other people might be caught up in their bubbles and need your help as much as you need theirs. In some cases it might put your negative thoughts into perspective. Maybe they're not such bad problems after all.

8. Watch the Sky
The sky is so fucking huge. And it's not bothered by you. Or anyone else. It doesn't care about what's happening to you. It doesn't see. It doesn't feel. But it's alive. And moving. And always pretty - even on the dreariest days. It's also weirdly mesmerising so get caught up in the sky rather than negative thoughts.

9. Read
Reading is (in my opinion) the best form of escapism. There are princesses, princes, horror stories, happy stories, long stories or short stories. Whatever you are feeling like, there is a book out there that will lift your spirits.

10. Face it
If you have a negative thought that's lingering throughout all of these other points - face it. Challenge it. Choose. Decide on it. Move on from it. 

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