Sunday, 11 September 2016

FOREVER REPURCHASED: L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I thought that having an oily face, using an oil to cleanse it would be a bad idea. Turns out I was completely wrong. Or rather, this is an exception to the grease-on-grease rule.

The L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil has been on my repurchase list for about a year. And I don't mean I've been trying to repurchase it for about a year, I mean I've gone through bottle after bottle after bottle and this is still my go-to cleanser.

You can see my previous thoughts here. And I still stand by all of those points made. Non-greasy, doesn't leave a trace of product on my face, and smells fresh. 

I'd like to add to those that my face doesn't react at all with this product - no little spots, no redness, no blemishes. It actually seems to clear my face of all imperfection really quickly. Usually I'd have a spare bottle in the cupboard ready to go once the last pump has been squeezed out of the current bottle, but because of the move, I'm waiting and my face is struggling.

I might just have to go repurchase. And seeing at its currently on offer at Boots, it would be rude not to.

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