Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hello October

Hello October, hello internet.

I'm sat writing this in a room that has taken four coats of paint and three days to make entirely white. In a house that is at least twice the size of our old one. In a street where everyone speaks an entirely different kind of English language to what I'm used to. In a Parish where the average age is about seventy.

We've finally moved. We're finally home.

The only disturbing thing I've come across since being here is that we are the youngest in our street by at least fifteen years and it's funny seeing these people seeing me in my short shorts and eclectic contrasting colour combos, and wondering what they're wondering.

I've sat in the middle of our huuuuge front window and watched all the different people walking past. Not just youths, not just unemployed plebs, not just single struggling mothers. We've moved to a completely different area. With a different standard of people.

And to be honest, I feel very proud, but also very out of my depth.

These people are established people, family people, suburban people. I am not. We are not.

We adult to the point where we have direct debits for bills and use Go Compare for home insurance deals, but we've never adulted to the point of hosting fondue dinner parties or having an M&S display cabinet.

I feel we've brought an entirely new species of human to this street.

So, it's my life mission to integrate with our neighbours.

We have lines in our lawn. I spent two hours polishing my car at the end of the driveway. We installed a new clothes line and I washed my white separate (something I've never done before). I made the Lad come with me to say hello to the older couple in the semi we're attached to. I unabashedly wave to anyone passing who's nodded to me whilst I've been in the garden.

I'm trying to say: I am a youth, but I'm no alien. I'm you, forty years ago. I'm proud to be here. Show me your ways!

I'm hopeful that one day, they'll accept us. But, until then I'll keep trying.

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