Wednesday, 26 October 2016

HOW TO: Three things to consider when stripping wallpaper

1. Time
Once you start it's hard to stop. Or should I rephrase that with: it's never ending.
There are ways to speed up this long winded task - you can use a wallpaper stripper like this; invest in a good scraper; get a friend to help (you might unfortunately lose a friendship over this); so having the time to get to the end of the task once you've begun is imperative. It means you won't stare at it, hating every moment you spend in the room and also it means it's one less thing to do next weekend when going out with your remaining mates is way more appealing.

2. Patience
Unless you really don't give a shit and are peeling off some godawful flocked craycray designed stuff to replace with good ol' anaglypta, then I suggest you take your time scraping off the old to make sure your plaster stays intact and as good as can possibly be. This will save you the hassle and expense of getting a plasterer in to fill in the divots your hacked out of it in a wallpaper induced rage.

3. Can it be painted?
The best trick of all when thinking about stripping wallpaper is to seriously consider just painting the bloody thing. Choosing to keep a textured wallpaper rather than ripping it off is, undoubtably,  a way of hitting a massive middle aged milestone, but one that many people come to cherish. Well, cherish might not be the right term, but just painting it means less time decorating, less money leaked out of the bank account and less time spent essentially staring at a wall when you could be staring at something a little bit more desirable *cough* ASOS.

Have you got any other tips to share about wallpaper? Do tell!

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