Sunday, 9 October 2016

LIFE: Five sterotypical things you will be told when you buy a house

Some things that might resonate with those of you with property.

1. Solicitors Are Expensive
Yes and no. Yes! They are considering you don't get any physical 'thing' at the end of it (except a house I suppose). But no! because they make sure you are legally aware of everything that might be a problem with any property you intend to spend a lot of money on buying - and that is worth every penny. It might even save you some pretty pennies in the future.

2. Are You In Yet?
Don't you think you'd have noticed a celebratory Facebook status if I had? This will inevitably be said over and over and over during the purchasing process. It. Gets. Annoying.

3. Do You Want...?
You will be offered SO MANY hand-me-down items. On the one hand, if it's your first house and you have no furniture at all - take everything. If on the other hand, you're buying a bigger property and you have a rough idea of what you want to achieve in the end - say no (unless you really want it). No-one will get upset with you, they'll probably just take whatever it is to the tip or charity shop. They're not particularly bothered where it goes. After all, they are trying to get rid.

4. I wouldn't Have Done...
Just as well you're not living in my house then, isn't it? So many people will come at you with opinions on how you should do certain things. In some instances they will be right, but in most cases it's up to you to learn by making mistakes and trying to do things your own way. As I say, they're not living in your house at the end of the day, you are. So if you want a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom, you go ahead and do it!

5. Just Get Settled First
Thanks Janet, but I really think I'd like my heating to be working this winter. There will be some jobs that can wait until you have more resources, more time, more acumen. But there are some jobs that need doing right away. Heating. Security. Weatherproofing. Necessities. It's alright for Aunt Fanny to tell you to put an extra jumper on over Christmas, but fixing the boiler in Springtime is about as useful as a ripped binbag - get it sorted for your first Winter. You'll appreciate being able to wash in hot water and dry your work clothes over a toasty radiator immediately.

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  1. Great little post me and my partner actually just bough a house few weeks ago and now we are dealing with lawyers & agency etc. and oh boy if we were agreeing to all the stuff they want us to buy (insurance etc.) we'll never been able to afford the credit.

    1. I know right! And the insurance they do offer is waaay overpriced to the ones I found just G Comparing it. Such a rip off!


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