Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hello December and Goodbye 2016


My name is Joanna and I've forgotten how to blog.

An awful lot has happened this year. I'm going to state right now: positive things. Despite some things happening that could be taken as negatives. I could write a small essay on my life currently - just like everyone used to do the first day of term after the summer holidays - but as it is, I'll jump straight in with two points.

1. The Lad and I are parting ways.
Next month we would have been going out for ten years. Yupp. Ten whole years. But, ten years no longer. Instead the Lad is moving out. It's an amicable split (or as friendly as splitting up from someone you thought you might spend the rest of your life with can be) and I hope we'll stay in touch and still send each other cat memes on Facebook. Y'know, wishful thinking sometimes comes true?

2. I got my dream job.
I've applied loads of times to work on the railways. As a conductor, as a checker at ticket barriers, as a platform guard, as a driver. And never won. Except the last time I did win. I got the job. I'm still in shock. It's been a month since I got the call and I still can't believe it. I started at the end of November and I'm still finding my feet, but absolutely loving it.

Alongside these things I now have to think about how I'm going to manage my finances to accommodate them both. I'll be taking on a mortgage alone as well as a house that needs a lot of work doing to it. And working shifts - harder shifts than before -  in a safety critical role. Whoop!

Never do things by halves!

So, I'm calling it a day on here whilst I work on all of those things. I have already planned the January schedule on Oh, hello jo with a couple more higher budget brands being featured and a little bit more regularity in when I post, so please come back in 2017!

In the meantime I'm always on Instagram and you can find me on Twitter and Snapchat as petitepea. Say hello!

Find me here too!

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