Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017

Hello. New year, new me.

Well, new adventures at least. 

My Master Plan this year involve three parts:

To trust myself.
Yes, a very broad goal. It wouldn't pass as a SMART target, but it's something I think will be very important this year. I've never been a single adult before. It's fucking terrifying. How will I know which shoes look better with my outfit without anyone to ask before leaving the house? Will I really know if Sky are doing me a good deal with my phone and broadband? Does an oil based gloss work better than a water based gloss? Who knows?! I'm just really glad that my straighteners turn themselves off after 30 minutes because I always forget. 

I'm going to have to become very familiar with myself and discover my weaknesses to work on them. I won't have someone else to pep talk me when I'm down. I need to be able to rely on myself for the first time.

To do the things I always wanted to do.
There's a certain amount of things you can do without disrupting someone else when you live and love someone. I want copper pans; to paint a room blush pink; to not talk to anyone for a whole day; to watch all the Seasons of Girls in a weekend; to make eggs for breakfast at 5am; to invite people to my house whenever I want; go on a city break with a friend and not feel guilty; to save as much money as I can by eating very little; to check into a local hotel because why the hell not; to try different foods, restaurants, activities, meet new people, talk to anyone, drink as much as I want, read as much as I want; learn to make Yorkshire puddings from scratch; to get eyelash extensions; to know how to wire a light switch; to be able to change the oil filter in my car. 

I want to be able to live without needing anyone else. I want to not feel guilty for doing something for me.

Focus on making my house, my home.
In order for me to get to a position where I can come home from work and go straight to sleep after an odd shift pattern, I need to spend a lot of time and money on this house. It needs a rewire, new central heating, new kitchen and bathroom, new driveway, new decor. It's liveable, but still a fairly large project. What's helpful is that I have a lot of contacts through my last job who I trust to help me make these things happen. This Spring I'm going to focus on gutting it electrically and plumbing wise. 

Next Christmas, my family will be coming here. That's the goal anyway.

What are your plans for this year? What adventures do you have planned?

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