Friday, 3 March 2017

Hello March

February passed quickly.

Maybe too quickly. But, also maybe not.
I now live alone.
Except for the cat.

I have never lived alone before. I've never been the sole owner of a space bigger than just one room. I have never been responsible for so many payments and bills and just adult stuff as I am right now.

And although I've done it and it's all set up, running smoothly and I can do it; I actually feel really fucking overwhelmed.

I look back on my posts from last year, the pictures, the comments, and I cannot really see anything to indicate that at this point, a year on, I would be completely changed.


I don't even think it's just my life that has changed, it is ME.

I feel pumped like I've just run a marathon and I'm high on adrenaline. Like I'm ready to take on anything and win. But standing back and looking at myself and reflecting on that shit, just blags me. Totally blags me.

Who am I? When did I become this person?

I keep saying this: I must start blogging regularly again. I must! And then a whole month passes and I really feel as though I just blinked and missed it. I really do.

I have a massive wishlist of things to do. And some of those things are already underway, but it's a massive waiting game at the minute too. As soon as I can share, I will.

For now, just keep waiting.

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