Sunday, 11 June 2017

REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss

The only thing I got from Duty Free on the way back from Barcelona was the new fragrance by Marc Jacobs - Daisy Kiss.

I've never had a Marc Jacobs fragrance before and after sniffing a good few, I decided upon this. It's completely different from my usual choice of heavy, somewhat wintery perfumes as this is light and fruity. For me, it's great for this time of year when you want something, but nothing too overpowering.

At first sniff it's very floral and fruity. After a few minutes it subsides into a very, very subtle scent that to be really honest, I cannot detect unless I really sniff my skin.

If you're after a scent that will make people turn in the street, this is not it. If you want a fragrance that gives you a little uplift on a summery day, this would be perfect.

I can't say whether this will last very long because it's so subtle and I feel I have to keep reapplying it to get the boost of scent that I like the most. Maybe I'm just used to heavier, thicker scents. But I can say for sure that this is my current summer favourite. I wish it lasted longer than it does, but for the price a mere £55 compared to my usual £80+ scents, I would recommend this for a day fragrance, especially whilst it's warmer outside.

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