Saturday, 5 August 2017

Hello August

Aha, here I am.

A tad late, yep. But, still here.

So an update?

As you may have noticed from my last post - my Grandma passed away in June. We celebrated her 82nd birthday on the Monday and she died with my mum and I holding a hand each, quite peacefully on the Saturday. It wasn't completely unexpected. She'd been in hospital since the beginning of May, but losing a close relative is never easy and she's a huge piece of family that will be greatly missed.

Last month I went to Paris, so expect a roundup of our trip there and what you should definately spend your time and money seeing/experiencing.

Then at home it's time to start decorating. After all the heavy demolition/construction work is (for the most part) complete, I can fiiiinally start making the house a home again. Or maybe, instead of again I actually mean: for the first time since moving in. I'm hoping that by mid-September - which'll mark a year from when I first got the keys to the house - I'll be able to say that it just needs finishing touches rather than a whole list of stuff.

And next week we're going to spend the weekend away, across the Pennines, to Liverpool. A city I regularly visit for work, but never for leisure so I'm incredibly excited. Keep your eyes peeled for a city guide coming your way, probably early next month.

Otherwise it's just been werkwerkwerk. I absolutely love my new job, but when the commute is 1.5 hours a day and you've got, on average, a 10.5 hour working day ahead of you, all that's left to do in the day is eat, wash and sleep.

Oh, hello jo will also have a new contributor starting this month. The lovely gentleman I get to call my own is keen to share the projects we have coming up in the house, so expect a new voice and a ton of How To's. Be nice guys!

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